Idea2Venture® is an intensive 10-day program designed to turn one's ideas into gold.

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Inspiring young adults to create, invent and succeed as entrepreneurs
Thomas Edison, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world through the knowledge and skills of innovation and entrepreneurship. What they had was dedication to their ideas, knowledge of customer needs, ability to bring their products to the market, and the passion to believe the world could be better. Idea2Venture® equips you with those same skills and takes you closer to your dream!

You bring the talent and the desire and I2V®  will give you the know-how to change the world!
Idea2Venture®  is a high-impact, hands-on program designed to help you turn ideas into gold. You will work with leaders in creativity, product commercialization, entrepreneur coaching, and business model development over the course of two weeks. You will uncover the secrets of world-famous investors and entrepreneurs through evaluation, design, and testing so you are prepared for a business launch with the knowledge and skills you have learned in Idea2Venture®